Mansion Wedding | Ancient Oaks Plantation | Bastrop, TX



I have to admit I had no idea until maybe a few years ago that cotton was grown in Texas. In school I always read about the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia and probably Mississippi … but never Texas. What I didn’t realize was how many plantations were just outside the city limits of Austin.

I had the opportunity to second shoot another wedding with the talented Nadine recently and was super excited to shoot a wedding at a private residence. The older part of the home was recently restored and made a historical landmark. It really is quite beautiful! The ceremony was held on the front steps and the cocktail and reception were both held outside underneath these beautiful live oak trees on either side. I walked about a fifty or so yards back from the festivities to just soak it all in. It was beautiful. Perfect moonlit night with lights strung between the trees with the sounds of chatter and music.  I will admit the modern stage was a bit jarring of a juxtaposition but there would’ve been a band of sorts there 80 years ago.  All in all, it was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.