Jennifer + Sarah| Villa St. Clair | Manor, TX

What a year 2017 was! I was so busy between work and home life, that I didn’t even realize the last time I posted a blog! Tsk!

Clearly, 2018 was just about the same. How is already 2019?!?! Perhaps I should make a New Year’s resolution to be better about posting!

I met Jennifer thru a mutual friend back in college that she worked with at Chuy’s (which for those of you who don’t live in Austin, their creamy jalapeño is addictive – but I digress). Back then I was taking a studio photography class and needed models. See where this is going? 😉 I remember Jennifer telling me that I would one day photograph her wedding. My 20-something year old self was completely flattered and super excited at the notion.

And she kept her word.

We won’t go into how long ago that statement was made, but I was so honored when she messaged me and wanted to talk about her beautiful wedding to this amazing woman, Sarah – that I got teary-eyed. Which is not much different from how I was while shooting their ceremony. There wasn’t a dry eye in that courtyard. They were surrounded by so many supportive family and friends who love them dearly and have seen both of them thru many stages and obstacles in life.

It was one giant family. And I loved every minute.

To Jennifer and Sarah,  Thank you for trusting me to capture such an important moment in both of your lives. Much love to you both!

And in case you missed their AMAZING engagement photos … here’s the link


Photographer: Sasha Haagensen Photography

Venue / Catering / Floral / Planner: Villa St. Clair