Mansion Wedding | Ancient Oaks Plantation | Bastrop, TX



I have to admit I had no idea until maybe a few years ago that cotton was grown in Texas. In school I always read about the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia and probably Mississippi … but never Texas. What I didn’t realize was how many plantations were just outside the city limits of Austin.

I had the opportunity to second shoot another wedding with the talented Nadine recently and was super excited to shoot a wedding at a private residence. The older part of the home was recently restored and made a historical landmark. It really is quite beautiful! The ceremony was held on the front steps and the cocktail and reception were both held outside underneath these beautiful live oak trees on either side. I walked about a fifty or so yards back from the festivities to just soak it all in. It was beautiful. Perfect moonlit night with lights strung between the trees with the sounds of chatter and music.  I will admit the modern stage was a bit jarring of a juxtaposition but there would’ve been a band of sorts there 80 years ago.  All in all, it was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.

Dart Bowl Wedding | Stuart + Paul | Austin, TX


“You’re having your wedding where?”

There really are no words to describe how amazing this wedding was. Stuart and I have worked together for several years, so when he asked me if I would like to shoot his wedding there was not even a moment of hesitation. Of course I would!!

The very nontraditional wedding, was held at Dart Bowl in Austin, TX. They rented out the whole bowling alley and instead of place cards for tables, guests were given bowling shoes and a lane assignment. How awesome is that?!

Stuart and Paul began the festivities walking down the lane together to be greeted by some dear friends (whose own marriages had been officiated by either Paul or Stuart). After their amazing sweet ceremony, Paul had all the guests serenade “Take on Me” for Stuart – making sure to hit that pitch just …. wrong. Haha.

The rest of the evening was spent visiting each lane of guests (while they got a few games in), eating some of the best enchiladas in the city (so I am told) and just enjoying having some of their nearest and dearest with them.

A short ceremony, food, bowl a few games, drink a couple beers and have a bunch of laughs. Really, what more could you ask for?

Congratulations again to Stuart and Paul!!

Hummingbird House | Summer Wedding | Manchaca, TX


This past weekend I had the privilege of covering a wedding with Nadine of Nadine Photography. I’ve said this before and I will say it again – it doesn’t matter how much you think you know, it’s always worth your time to take a back seat and learn from someone else. I appreciate the time I get to work with Nadine.

Here are some of my images from the wedding at Hummingbird House. I haven’t shot there in awhile and look forward to doing more hopefully in the near future!